Saturday, April 30, 2016

Target jobs: The amazing world of diversion

The entire nation has been filled with vitriolic hate.. should transgender men be permitted to use the lady’s room at Target. It has reached epic proportions.. store debates… politicians parade.. and not hundreds of thousands boycotting the store altogether.
Meanwhile, during the ultimate of diversions that has little consequence over the nation’s future, Target is doing something else which should potentially cause more consternation and debate than anything else..
Men may be using the lady’s room..but employees may soon be out of jobs altogether. The major impact of economic reality hitting Target like a target.
FORTUNE reported just 48 hours ago that the store is doing something to change its future and bottom. And it has nothing to do with culture wars.. 
Clerks told Fortune that Target is trying to assess how accurate the robot is at scanning shelves during this week-long trial run. One clerk reportedly said that the robot “seemed slow.”
Human nature being what it is is, I’m very worried about this lil’ robot as it traverses Target’s aisles. It looks like a moving target for mischief. One Racked editor wondered how long it would be before someone’s kid breaks it.
Another Racked editor said, “I want to put a hula skirt on that so bad it hurts.”
For as advanced as robotics seems, it is all in the infancy of evolution right now.. 
And while minimum wage workers across the United States band together in a non organized way to demand $15 per hour, there is something lurking beneath the rotten core of economic politics: The chances that so many of them wanting higher wages may soon have none. Replaced by tech.. done in by bots. And handy bots at that. Never getting an order wrong.. never stocking more on shelves than should be. People … are you buying? ? 
The retail giant is conducting a one-week trial at one of its department stores in downtown San Francisco, according to a source familiar with the matter and confirmed by three store clerks.
Simbe Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup, built the robot called Tally that it says can roll autonomously around the store while scanning products to determine if they have been misplaced, mispriced, or are low in stock.
Just a test right now. But a test and threat–a threat of the inferior man. The threat of losing income.. While we argue about where a human should urinate, the carpet is being swept away.. slowly at first.. Quickly after.
And in a glance the future will change.
A future that is now.

Tennessee high school teacher suspended for showing 'Human Centipede 2'

Tennessee high school teacher suspended for showing 'Human Centipede 2':


A Tennessee high school teacher was suspended Thursday after students reported to school officials last week that they were shown an “inappropriate film” in class.

Jackson-Madison Consolidated School District Superintendent Verna Ruffin told The Jackson Sun Wednesday that the film shown in class was “Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence).”

“Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)” is the sequel to the horror picture “Human Centipede.” In this film, a man gets obsessed with the “Human Centipede” movie and tries to create his own centipede.

While some people may choose to not see the film, chances are several of the kids in the high school class already did see it.. those who didn’t will find it themselves now after the uproar..

A press release: “ This investigation is ongoing. At the time the incident was reported, the teacher was immediately suspended and remains suspended pending the outcome of the investigation” …

While it may not have done much with coursework, can we get a reality check? We are still talking about a legally produced and released horror movie, right? We aren’t talking about children being given illegal drugs.. or too much sugar. 

No.. we are talking about the HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2..

REPORTS: Italy Uncovers Plot to Attack Vatican, Israeli Embassy

REPORTS: Italy Uncovers Plot to Attack Vatican, Israeli Embassy:

One of four suspects arrested received orders from ISIS-controlled territory, investigators say. ..

Italian authorities arrested four people suspected of extremism on Thursday and issued arrest warrants for two more operating in Syria, according to the Milan prosecutor.

Authorities said one of the suspects is a Moroccan-born national living in Italy who had received orders from the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) to conduct an attack in Rome during the Holy Year, a period announced by Pope Francis that lasts from December 2015 to November 2016….

Pop goes the weasel as Hadron Collider shuts down. For real.

Pentagon Details Chain of Errors in Strike on Afghan Hospital

The Rhoden family massacre a payback?

Over the past five days, news and information regarding the violent murders of the Rhoden family in Ohio have seemingly vanished from front pages.. top stories.. police briefings.. Instead, it is almost silently being concluded, this was a hit. A direct payback for drug related lifestyles..


300 dead in India.. deaths elsewhere.
Heat strokes..
Records broken for highest temperatures for long duration in 65 years...

© Mukesh Gupta

The heat wave is extreme and seemingly intensely getting worse with each passing day in South Asia.

Hundreds of people have deceased in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India..

112 degrees in Thailand.
108 degrees Cambodia.
108 in Seno.

Officials are telling people: Stay indoors and drink water. There may be a problem with that, however..

The heat wave is also causing severe drought in the much of India effecting crops and livestock. groundwater reservoirs are at just 22 percent capacity in parts of the western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat after rivers, lakes and dams have dried up..

May is traditionally the hottest month of the year in the same parts of the world now getting record heat.
There is a fear that what is being seen may only get worse over the next four weeks..


Recent Donald Trump rallies have brought out huge crowds of supporters and often smaller but vocal--if not violent--protesters normally causing chaos both inside and outside of the boisterous rallies..

And the latest chaos forced Trump, who wants to build a wall to stop the flow of illegal immigration, to cross a wall himself..

This time it wasn't a rally but a banquet.. the California Republican Party kicked off its convention in Burlingame Friday with Trump as a guest.. Trump arrived at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport at 1333 Old Bayshore Highway in Burlingame shortly after noon. CHP officers pulled off the side of Highway 101. The candidate hopped a fence and entered through the back of the hotel..

“That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made,” the frontrunner said. “It felt like I was crossing the border actually. I was crossing the border, but I got here.”

NATO Allies Preparing to Put Four Battalions at Eastern Border With Russia

The eye opening headline courtesy of the WALL STREET JOURNAL..

Julian Barnes reported hours ago that NATO allies were setting the stage for increased tension..

4,000 troops will be placed in Poland and other Baltic nations. Moscow meanwhile has reinvigorated its own military presence in various places..

The United States is reportedly set to provide two battalions. Germany 1..  And in Germany, Merkel has voiced past opinions to support NATO, but the newest news may come as a surprise to many in the nation that do not want to follow United States foreign entanglements and policies.

Meanwhile, Russia has taunted the United States again.

A Russian SU-27 conducted a "barrel roll" Friday over the top of a U.S. Air Force RC-135 which was flying a reconnaissance mission in international airspace above the Baltic Sea, the Defense Department said.

Cold war? Hot war? ...war?
No more war. Please.
Adults anyone?

More shaking

Dateline: Vanuatu ..


M5.1 earthquake has been observed in Lakatoro, Malampa, Vanuatu on 2016-04-30 at 09:26:30. Population: 239866 Depth: 15 km

Friday, April 29, 2016

Bomb threat Balitmore

A 25-year-old man who threatened to blow up a Baltimore Fox TV station Thursday and then was shot by police did not have a bomb, but a device that was chocolate bars held together by wires, according to the Baltimore Police Department.

The suspect had refused to cooperate with officers, police spokesman T.J. Smith said. When he walked out of the building, he was wearing a white panda suit, a surgical mask and sunglasses before being shot by three officers. He apparently lit a car on fire in the parking lot before entering the building, Fox 45 reports.


Edward Brizzi, the man's father, told a local affiliate that he says his son was convinced the world would end on June 3.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Syria air strike hits hospital; killing doctors and children

From CNN:
An airstrike that hit a hospital in Syria killed 27 people, including children and one of the last few pediatricians in Aleppo, rights groups said.

Al Quds field hospital was hit by a missile from a fighter jet Wednesday, witnesses said. It's unclear whom the fighter jet belonged to.